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Internet Marketing is never complete and is an ongoing process. It has and ending but never an end.  Our Plan acts as a starter plan for small to medium sizes business who want to propel their business into online search engine and directories. The plan includes a simple but aggressive strategy to get your online marketing kick started and teaches you what you need to do for the future.  We can develop a specific plan within the scope of this plan to fit your particular business. Order your plan today and get started collecting more business for your business.

Click Here To Order (Total Cost: $1500.00 Upfront and $99.00 for 1 year with option to renew at same price each year after. Once you order we will do the rest.



  1. SEARCH ENGINE AND DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS Online searches engines and directories are the new Yellow Pages.

What We Will Do: We will submit your website to local internet directories (local district – regional) plus search engines.


sun_medicial_clinic_NOTCLAIMED_ What We Will Do: We will claim your business on Bing, Google, AT&T, Manta and other popular business directories and search engines. We will run a background check on your business to see what people are saying about you. Good or bad we will let you know. Then suggest best practices to address any issues, avoid and manage your business reputation effectively in the future.

3. SEARCH ENGINE MAP CITATIONS Google map citations are very important to successful SEO. This gives search engines explicit Geolocation reference to your locations.
What We Will Do:
We will create Google Map Citations for your business.


  1. DIRECTORY CITATIONS It’s important your business is on local Directories. Google+Maps

What We Will Do: We will cite your business in up to local directories.

link-wheel-illustrationLink wheels are an important component in any SEO strategy. It’s a way to link your business to other popular, relevant local platforms around you, which every business have. Link Wheel Listings weigh heavy in search engine optimization strategy.
What We Will Do: We will build a local listing link map wheel that link to relevant topics in your local area.

Back links are very important and are defined as Back links, also known as incoming links, inbound links, in links, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a back link is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.
What We Will Do:
We will add reputable back links to your website. The amount is determined by industry cooperation and back link availability.

new_youtube_logo Google owns YouTube and YouTube is a very important marketing strategy tool (the spoken word) in your overall marketing plan. It gives potential customer a visual moving video about your company and what others are saying about you. Also, having a popular YouTube channel about what your company does keeps your business relevant
What We Will Do: We Will set up your very own Youtube Channel or add to existing channel. We Will produce two high quality videos for you new Youtube Channel.
Includes: 1 promotional video and 1 testimonial video.

  1. SEO BACKEND TEXT Writing back-end text is the key to having an overall successful SEO Marketing Strategy plan.  Here is where we get to play with keywords to find the best keywords that fit your business description and link it to the organic search process.
    What We Will Do: We will write Keywords, Descriptions and Tags text structure for your website’s individual pages. (includes up to 10 pages) Does not include any front end text content.

how-rel-canonical-link-tag-works CANONCIAL LINKS eliminates duplicate page indexing of the same page and tells the search engine the preferred version of your webpage to index.
What We Will Do: We will develop your own cannocIal link for your website and complete other requirements necessary to complete the process.

TRAIN YOU TO DO YOUR PART It’s important that you know how everything that we did works. We offer free training in applicable situations.
What We Will Do:
We will Train and equip you with the tools to ask your customers for reviews. We will teach you how to trade backlinks with your key peer partners. We will teach you the importance of protecting and managing your business brand online.  


  • Controlling your business listings across local search platforms. 
  • We will certify your Business Name, Address and Phone number and actually manage it so that you can run your business and not worry about it.
  • Improving your “Visibility” in local Searches.  Work with you to cleanse, organize and optimize your business listing to local search platforms with GEO Coding, address standardization and more.
  • Reach more consumers.  We get your listings to the largest network of local search platforms in the industry, so you certified business listings reach sites where over 90% of consumer searches occur.

Our SEO program helps you to keep your business listing 100% accurate and consistent 100% of the time. WE also make sure only authorize users have the ability to access your accounts.

    Most SEO companies charge 1000’s or 10’s of thousands of dollars to optimize your website for search engines.  As a small business owner, InkTekMedia wants to help and education other small business on the importance of maintaining a relevant internet presence. That’s why we are offering a lower set price to small businesses. Small Business to Small Business (SB2SB) Are you ready?

Limited time offer – We will set-up and perform all 10 points for $1500 down and 99. Per/month. Ask yourself, can you not afford to have your website optimized for search engines? Why not go-the-extra-mile? You have come this far! You have a website! Now all you have to do is get it promote and get it noticed! LET’S GET URR DONE!!!

WE accept payments VIA PayPal, which allows you to pay by all major credit cards.   We require 75% down-payment and the balance after the job is finish.   We will send you all submission results and everything that we do so that you know what we did. credit-card-symbols

  • MONTHLY MAINTENANCE Every month you will be able to see real results.  Also, you will get 1 hour of retained time for work on your marketing efforts. Make changes to your the campaign messages or add photos. Monitor your SEO campaign(s). 
  • MONTHLY PAYMENTS You will get one month free and your payments do not start until one month after we are finished with initial submissions. PayPal is our official payment processor and they accept all major credit cards. 
  • CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. GET STARTED NOW! CALL US @ (615)649-1771 and get free consultation and website analysis. A $500.00 Value.